February 10, 2009

Create Invoices from your Google Calendar

gTime creates simple invoices by reading from your Google Calendar.  There are screenshots of creating an invoice on the project hosted at Google Code. 

The project was a birthday gift for my wife last year, but it was also a hobby project to explore Google App Engine and GData APIs.  The primary motivations for the app were to:
  1. eliminate redundant data entry by generating invoices directly from the appointments you already keep current on your Calendar. 
  2. work with any Calendar client by reading billing rates from plain text in the calendar entries themselves.
  3. protect client confidentiality by printing Web-based invoices that do not pass identifying name and addresses over the Internet.
That last goal is a bit specific to healthcare providers, but expand the app for your own needs (and maybe even punch out a few features on the wish list)


Micahel Ehline said...
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Andy said...

Hi Carter - I used gTime for almost 6 months while in California, and it saved me a massive amount of time and headaches, as it was a natural extension of my time and note-keeping in the calendar. However, it broke when I started looking at my employer's apps domain calendar. So I started a brand new gmail account/login just to see what's up - and I can't get any calendar to read (as of today's date). After 'authorizing' gTime with my new account, the 'please authourize' notice still shows, and no calendars are available to be searched (or show up in the drop down). This app was such a heavy timesaver, and I can't find anything (even paid software) that comes close to its utility. Can you please start a fresh google account, and go through the steps of using gTime? Please? It'll either show what's broken, or clarify for me (and others), how to properly get started. I'd like to move our whole office (a new employer) over to this for our billings and timesheets, but if I can't get it to work...

Thanks in advance!